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The current designation of Alvor comes from the Arabic Albur (heath, wasteland) after its conquest by that people in 716 of our era. Portuguese village of the municipality of Portimão, its fishing tradition is inscribed in its main matrix.


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In the Algarve context, Alvor maintains a strong fishing component to the hook-set, the result of its proximity to the Ria, and natural baits that are easily accessible, although with reliable labor costs. Here, women have a prominent role, because they help in the preparation of the devices, which is like who says to "get away with the device". These days, baits are mostly frozen cephalopods (squid/pots), which are not expensive, facilitate the logistics of the baiting operation and are effective when capturing. Besugos, safias, spouts and gold are some of the most captured species with this fishing art.



Following the gastronomic tradition of the fishing community of Alvor, the suggestions are invariably made with natural and fresh ingredients of the Ria de Alvor, such as cockles and sausage: cockle with olive oil and garlic, broth porridge with cockles, rice, pasta or açorda of lingueirão and caldeirada do mar.



The main party takes place in the first week of August, when there is a procession of boats that carry the image of Our Lady.



Ria de Alvor, dunes, Praia dos Três Irmãos, Praia do Submarino, Praia de Alvor, nature routes "Ao Sabor da Maré" (TA), water sports, diving in the "Ocean Revival" or on natural reefs.




Some of our properties in Alvor:



  • Villa - T3 - Alvor - JL001 AV - REF: JL001

Villa - T3 - Alvor - Alvor - JL001 AV - JL001 AV (

  • Apartment - T2 - PRAINHA - Alvor - REF: OL0037 PI

Apartment - T2 - PRAINHA - Alvor - OL0037 PI - OL0037 PI (








  • Building - Alvor center - REF: JD071 AL

Building - Alvor center - Alvor - JD071 AL - JD071 AL (





  • Shop / trade - Alvor center - REF: DI049 AV

Shop / trade - Alvor center - Alvor - DI049 AV - DI049 AV (





  • Villa - T6 - Montes de Alvor - REF: JD19446 MA

Villa - T6 - Montes de Alvor - Alvor - JD19446 MA - JD19446 MA (





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