Decorating Trend 2022

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The tendency to take nature indoors ranges from plants in external and internal areas, to the use of natural materials such as wood, straw and natural stones.

Trends that have emerged in these last two years of pandemic, in which we strengthen the connection between human beings and nature.

As a result, the demand for plants, natural elements and handcrafted works grows, which give a touch of personality and exclusivity to the spaces.




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As for shades, the trend colors refer to nature and elegancia.

The golden in turn, returns to popularity. According to the psychology of colors refers to wisdom, abundance, success, triumph and achievement; conveying sophistication, prestige and propsperity.

Because it is a very striking color, we advise you to invest in gold in the details. 


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Something rescued from pandamia is undoubtedly the well-being, comfort and agonchego that our house transmits to us in everyday life.

The goal is to create spaces with (comfortable) features that complement the decorative elements.






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