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These are beautiful magnificent cities packed by an ocean climate, located to the west of the Algarve in the south of Portugal.

Living the summer is pleasant and full, but living through all seasons is an enchantment, because the temperature is mild and delicate with the guarantee of an almost daily sun.

What is the city, which place is right for an investment?

Especially because the steep coast of fine sandy beaches that stand out in the vicinity of the Monchique mountain range.

Through fields of orange trees, lemon trees or even lawyers, you will walk towards the forests of chestnut and eucalyptus trees dreaming of this wonderful region.

That is why I, Anne Marie Gil, share my passion and invite you to discover these wonderful places of investment that represent Windward and Wind, the west and east of the Algarve, my heart region in the south of Portugal, my country.

Anne Marie Gil