Housing Buildings Can No Longer Have Local Housing

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Author: Idealist Writing

In the same building, from now on, can not coexist  permanent housing and  temporary housing for tourist purposes.   The cord has been unanimously approved and applies to all Local Accommodation, even to what has already been authorised.

According to the publication, this measure applies to all local accommodation, whatever the date of authorisation of the activity. From now on, any condomino may demand an end to the tourist activity in the building where he lives, even if this local accommodation has been running for many years.

With this decision, the STJ comes to give reason to residents who complained, for example , of the noise out of hours, dirt and wear of common parts of the building or access of strangers to garages and housing buildings.

In one of the explanations of vote submitted, a judge conselheiro of the Supreme Court of Justice admits, however, that the number of cases asking for the illegality of local accommodation activity will skyrocket.

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Supreme locks local accommodation in housing buildings (Public)