Being a mother, woman and professional: the challenge of reconciling (so many) roles

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Being a mother, a woman and a professional.

Being and doing so many things at the same time seems like an impossible mission. It requires great capacity for  conciliation in the day to day: to have time for motherhood, for career, but also for individuality.

How to be a "perfect" mother and, at the same time, an exemplary professional, without forgetting the "I"? The pressure to care for children and employment with equal dedication is and remains a challenge for many women.

Having to choose family or career (still) is a reality, but there are also those who give evidence that it is feasible to take both and compaginate – with a lot of effort, adventure and juggling in the middle, it is certain. 



Finding the balance between personal life, professional life, life for two and quality time with children is not easy, and society continues to demand greater commitment from women in all spheres. 

It is often necessary to use the help of third parties (if any and what is possible), to share responsibilities and to count on the "luck" of working in a company or context with a friendly policy with regard to family reconciliation.


Mother's Day is a moving date and can cause some confusion, after all when it's Mother's Day?

It is always celebrated on the first Sunday of The Month of May, which means that next Sunday, May 1, 2022, mother's day is celebrated in Portugal.  To celebrate this date, the idealist/news heard five women, who are also mothers and professionals in the real estate sector.

Despite the hectic routine and day-to-day tasks, none hesitated to respond to the challenge of reflecting on their personal and professional experiences, and sharing testimonies after "lying down the kids", night in or at dawn.

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