Save on water consumption with house cleaning

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Save on water consumption with house cleaning


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One of the activities in which we use more water is in cleaning our house. It is important to take into account some tips aimed at reducing consumption and taking care of this increasingly scarce resource.

Water is a key element in cleaning the house, as it is present in cleaning the floor, walls, clothes, crockery, pets...We know that it is a scarce resource, and so it is important to be aware of the activities in which we can save on its consumption, waste or through reuse.

As you may know, the savings in the costs we have with water, essentially involves the
reduction of consumption, because unlike what happens in the energy market, it is not possible to change suppliers, make water contract with lower tariffs. The market continues to be regulated, and until that changes, what can be done to pay less is reduce consumption.

With the fundamental objective of reducing this consumption, and paying less for the water bill, Selectra leaves you some very simple tips to apply to save this resource that we lack so much.

1. Reuse water

Storing rainwater allows us to use it later to wash the floor, tiles or bathroom, as well as fill the toilet, wash the car or water the plants. Also know that you can also take advantage of water from the washing machine's second wash, or cold water that is normally wasted in the shower while waiting for hot water.

2. Cleaning the floor

It is very important to sweep in advance to eliminate dust and particles that may be loose, so it will take less water to achieve good cleaning. In addition, here we can reuse rainwater, for example, and avoid resorting to tap and spending water in vain.

3. Washing of clothes

Separating and sorting the clothes before washing them will allow you to choose the appropriate washing cycle
for each wash It is also important to make the most of the machine's capacity
wash, or use the half-load option if you do not fill it.
Another tip is that if you use biodegradable detergents, you can reuse the water to water the

4. Cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen

For cleaning the walls and elements of the bathroom and kitchen it is advisable to use products that make little foam, allow easy disinfection, and rinse with a damp cloth, using only the amount of water required.

● If you really want to save water, do not leave the tap open during cleaning.
● Place the product and leave to act for a few minutes before cleaning permanently.

5. Washing of dishes

Wash all dishes at the same time. At the end of meals, remove the leftovers and wash with hot water to help remove the fat.
Ideally, you should start washing dishes that are less dirty so that water and detergent help make it easier to remove fat.

6. Patios and gardens

Here it is important to be minded that a hose to clean the yard, wash the car or water the
plants wastes immense liters of water. Perform these activities with buckets and, if possible, with reused water.
While most of the tips in this guide may seem obvious or that result little, it is
important for you to take them. Water saving starts with small changes in habits that you can apply every day. Together we can reduce water consumption, and be able to access this resource for much longer.


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