Leroy Merlin's new pool to enjoy summer on the terrace

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Leroy Merlin
Author: Idealist Writing

Summer is just around the corner. For those who live in the city in the hot months, it is important to have a swimming pool to cool off. In the absence of a large garden or a house on the beach, Leroy Merlin has launched this new product to relax in the sun, also in the cities. It is a swimming pool with sun loungers, easy to install and is on sale on the site for 3.199 euros.

Whether you have a terrace – or rooftop space – or just don't want to work in the garden, the 'Mariposa' pool is perfect for taking a dip during the long sunny summer afternoons. It takes up little space and is easy to maintain, making it a very comfortable alternative if you live in the city center.

The structure is made of aluminum, in white color with curved lines that create an elegant design and easy to match with the decoration of the terrace.  The two sun loungers with adjustable backrests are located on both sides of the pool, which is in the center making the most of the space.

The measurements of the pool are 2.19 m wide, 2.82 m long and 0.6 m deep, which translates into a useful water volume of 1.1 m3. The cabinet is equipped with a reinforced 0.85 mm lining, LED lights inside the pool, manual background cleaning accessory, 580 g/m2 winter cover and filter.

Leroy Merlin

It is important that the terrace or garden has an electrical outlet, as well as a drain for the filtration system.

The pool can be purchased online, but it is an item that is subject to order.

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