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Plot with project for Retirement Home in Alenquer

Plot with project for a Retirement Home in Alenquer

This Plot has an approved project to build a high quality Retirement Home located in Alenquer, 18 Km from the motorway and 55 Km from Lisbon.
The nearest hospital is Vila Franca Xira, 18 Km away.

With capacity for 60 users with all amenities and access.
With 30 rooms where 6 are single, 16 doubles and 6 triples along a corridor with 17 bathrooms and 6 living rooms.

Connected to a common area with :
- Management and administrative service area
- Health area
- Staff facilities area
- Living and activities area
- Services area

Situated on a hillside that would later earn it the title of Crib of Portugal, the town of Alenquer has centuries of history, having played a leading role in the history of Portugal. Birthplace of Damião de Góis, of the Festas do Império do Divino Espírito Santo and favourite of Camões, Alenquer is located in Estremadura, one of the 15 concelhos that make up the district of Lisbon.
Home to the third largest municipality in the district, with an area of 304.22 km², the landscape of Alenquer is framed by the hills of the Serra de Montejunto and by the Ribatejo plain, where vineyards predominate, the ancestral engine of its economy.

Dotted by countless old farms, with their manor houses surrounded by vineyards, the region has a consolidated oenological culture, in which Alenquer stands out for its award-winning wines.
With a great religious and cultural heritage, it is easy to find castles, convents, churches, hermitages, farms and manor houses in the municipality of Alenquer.
A meeting point for numerous initiatives, ranging from pilgrimages to other cultural events, the municipality is proud to maintain its main traditions, such as the Blessing of the Cattle, the Painting and Singing of the Kings, or the Auction of the Cargos.

Just 30 minutes from Lisbon and with privileged accesses, being home to one of the country's great logistics hubs, the municipality of Alenquer is also unique as an industrial park, offering companies wishing to set up in the municipality a strategic geographical position, with a fast connection to both the north and the south of the country. The proximity and ease of access to the two main Portuguese highways (A1 and A2) provide Alenquer with a privileged location for a wide range of sectors of activity.

Based on a strong primary sector, the municipality sees the secondary and tertiary sectors gaining increasing expression, in a perfect symbiosis between the rural and industrial strands.

The municipality is divided into 11 Parishes and Parish Unions: the Parish Unions of Abrigada and Cabanas de Torres, the Parish Unions of Aldeia Galega da Merceana and Aldeia Gavinha, the Parish Unions of Alenquer, the Parish Unions of Carregado and Cadafais, the Parish Unions of Ribafria and Pereiro de Palhacana and the Parishes of Carnota, Meca, Olhalvo, Ota, Ventosa and Vila Verde dos Francos.
At the time of the 2021 Census, the resident population of the municipality of Alenquer is 44,428 inhabitants.
To the North, the municipality of Alenquer is bordered by the municipalities of Azambuja and Cadaval, to the South by those of Vila Franca de Xira, Arruda dos Vinhos and Sobral de Monte Agraço, to the West by those of Torres Vedras and to the East by those of Azambuja and the Tagus River.
With regard to the orography of the territory covered by the municipality, it can be observed a division into three areas: the mountainous area, the sub-serranous area and the plain area.

Property Features
  • Acesso pavimentado
  • Iluminação pública
  • Ligação a rede de água
  • Ligação a rede de Saneamento
  • Asfaltado
  • Field View
  • Slope: Flat, Soft
  • View: Countryside views
  • Energy certificate: Exempt
  • Land Type: Rustic, Buildable

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